Asking your friends to help move

Consider NOT asking your friends to help you move. If you’re at the stage of life where you and your friends are busy with fast-paced professional jobs during the week, it may be time to stop asking your nearest and dearest to give up evening or weekend time to help you move.

Offer to trade them a comparable favor. No matter how kind-hearted, no one really wants to work several hours in exchange a beer and a slice of pizza. If your friends are unlikely to move soon themselves, offer pet or child care, help with a home renovation, yard work, or anything else you can think of that might suit their needs.
Don’t ask them to stay all day. Can you move most of your stuff yourself and just ask friends for a few hours of help with the heavy stuff? Do it.

Know exactly what you want them to do and communicate clearly. Everyone benefits when you help make the process as efficient as possible with good project management.

Don’t stand around while your friends are working. Don’t disappear to the back room with your phone or wander across the way to talk to your neighbors. If your friends are working, it goes without saying that you should be, too.

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