Did you know: Moving specific equipment

Shrink wrap: A larger, sturdier version of the plastic wrap you may use in your kitchen, you can use stretch wrap to protect furniture and to bundle loose items such as pillows and blankets together. You can even use it to bundle stacked boxes together, making them easier to move with a dolly. Stretch wrap comes in different widths, with 20 to 60 inches being standard.

Tie down straps: Fasteners also called ratchet straps, lashing straps or tie downs) are fasteners used to hold down cargo or equipment during transport. Tie down straps are essentially webbing that is outfitted with tie down hardware. This hardware allows the tie down strap to attach to the area surrounding the cargo or equipment, loop over the cargo or equipment, and/or attach to the cargo or equipment. It usually also includes a method of tensioning the strap, such as a ratchet.

Door protectors: Quilted furniture pad for protecting door jambs, banisters, doorways and entryways

Wardrobe boxes: Box with Metal Hanging Bar can help you move or store hanging clothes. It features hand access holes for easy carrying. It is made from 100% recycled materials.

TV boxes:  Box that is adjustable to fit many different flat screen TVs. Includes locking handles for easy carrying as well as sturdy handling while transporting. It is also perfect for moving or storing items.

Zip ties: These make it easy to bundle items such as cables and cords, clothing hangers, and kitchen utensils together.

Furniture pads: Adhere these to the underside of heavy furniture and/or appliances so that you can easily slide pieces across hard surface flooring. If you need to slide items across carpet you can use a plastic runner to create a smooth surface.

Rental moving boxes: If you’d like to eliminate using cardboard altogether, you can rent sturdy bins from several services, most of which will drop off and pick up boxes as needed.

Nesting reusable bins: If you suspect you may be moving often during the next few years of your life, you may want to consider investing in your own plastic bins. If you get a variety that stacks together, you can store a large supply of bins in a small space.

Moving blankets: These can be used to wrap and protect furniture and to slide heavy items across smooth surfaces.

Furniture lifting straps: Also sometimes called “forearm forklifts” or “shoulder dollies,” these straps are designed to make carrying large, heavy items much easier.

Dollies: Both regular hand trucks and specialized furniture dollies can make your move much easier. There are also piano  and safe specific dollies. Along with dollies that have floor protection.

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