Transfer Moves

Transfer Move at Senior Facility
Transfer Move at Senior Facility

House To Home Moving provides transfers with or without the use of a House To Home Moving truck. These moves are considered to be labor moves, meaning items are being transferred within a community, facility, or business. Transfers are done on private property and are not being moved on public roadways.

Examples of a transfer would be:

  1. Moving one apartment to another within the same community
  2. Combining storage units
  3. Moving out/in furniture for flooring replacement
  4. Moving items around within the same building or home

House To Home Moving brings out all the equipment needed to complete the transfers properly. From moving a treadmill downstairs to moving your office out for flooring, our movers can handle it. Transfers and relocations are usually priced as hourly moves or by the job and require a free in-home estimate.

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