Specialized Senior Moves

When House To Home Moving Company was created in 2010, we dedicated ourselves to the senior industry. We created white-glove senior services. This was a service that included everything from just moving boxes and furniture to completely packing, moving, unpacking, and essentially recreating the living space to mirror the last place. It was a service that was needed for dementia residents in the senior communities. Not long after, we found ourselves moving their children and getting referrals from the communities. Before we knew it, we were doing moves for everyone and growing at an alarming rate in Sacramento and the surrounding areas.

Now, House To Home Moving Company is the leading moving company for senior moves in the Sacramento and surrounding areas. Specializing in the western states, we have successfully completed thousands of senior moves and transfers.

Our quality of service is top notch due to our attention to detail, and we train our movers to handle unique circumstances. We can provide the basic move of furniture and boxes or we can completely pack, move, unpack, hang the pictures, and make the beds. It’s up to you!

House To Home Moving Company works with hundreds of senior communities, helping their residents relocate to their new homes. It’s not just moving! It’s understanding each unique situation and being able to accommodate each customer and their exact needs. It’s working with families to determine the right approach in difficult situations. It’s taking the time to understand what’s important. House To Home Moving Company is your one-stop shop for all moving services.



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