Do you know what the most important step to having a successful move is?


Calling around moving companies and price shopping for the lowest cost is a good way to sabotage your moving experience.  The prices you get over the phone are misleading.  Oral estimates are illegal, not binding and should not be accepted. 

But why?  Without seeing what needs to be moved and the equipment/materials required to move everything properly, there can’t be a realistic estimated price given.  It’s shooting from the hip.  In the industry we call giving quotes over the phone, giving “happy numbers”.  It’s low balling the move to get you to schedule.  The problem with this is, nothing is in writing and the price of the move isn’t going to be what was quoted.

Have you ever heard about moving companies keeping furniture hostage?  It’s when there is nothing in writing and after the moving company loads your items they demand more payment before they unload it.  It’s a common practice in the moving industry.


At House To Home Moving we suggest that you schedule your FREE IN-HOME WRITTEN ESTIMATE.  A representative will come out to your home, talk with you, visually inspect all variables of your specific move and answer any questions you have regarding the moving process.  It also gives us a chance to discuss with you how the moving process goes on our side of things and what you need to do on your part to have a successful move.  While we are out at your appointment, we will leave you with a written estimated cost along with a NOT TO EXCEED price for the move.  This means that the estimated price IS the NOT TO EXCEED PRICE for your move.  Without a free in-home written estimate, there is no NOT TO EXCEED price.  You could and most likely end up paying more than originally quoted.

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