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Cruise Around the World Event

Thank you for Del Oro Caregiver Resource Center for hosting the Cruise Around the World event that happened June 19th at the Divine Savior Catholic Church. Check out all the pictures!

Better Together

Being a great company isn’t something you do alone! 

House to Home Moving works with professionals in the moving industry to properly complete the job at hand.  With professionals such as New Leaf Senior Transitions, who helps our customers downsize, organize and manage their move to Michelle Giorgi, Senior Real Estate specialist who works with us for a full service experience.  Through companies like these, we’ve built a relationship that not only makes moving stress free but also allows for major discounts when using our companies together.

We understand how important it is to be a professional at what you do.  Utilizing other professional companies who are great at what they do, allows us to be great at what we do without having to wear all the hats.

It all starts with having a good understanding and clear communication with our customers.  In order to have a successful move and know what’s expected, we schedule free in-home written estimates.  Once we talk with you and see everything that needs to be moved, we can than build a job specifically for you, specialized to your needs.  This prevents any miscommunication and makes the move stress free.

Thank You TAP and Meristem!

Moving Checklist

Below is a moving checklist for your convenience

[] Set the date of the move
[] Arrange for utility transfers
[] File change of address
[] Notify everyone of your change of address 
[] Schedule moving estimate
[] Start packing!
[] Open bank accounts near your new address 
[] Create one “Open Me First” box for specific rooms
[] Start eating up perishable food from freezer and refrigerator 
[] Hold a yard sale. 
[] Confirm start time, current home address and future home address with movers. 
[] Take all garbage out of the house 
[] Make sure the drivers of House to Home Moving have your cell phone number(s)
[] Be available for the movers’ questions 
[] Perform final checks before leaving current home



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