Why we wrap furniture

Why we wrap furniture

When moving furniture, our professional movers wrap items with blankets. While it may seem like an extra step, this simple technique offers several benefits that can protect your furniture during transportation and ensure it arrives at your new home in excellent condition.

Protection Against Scratches and Scuffs
One of the primary reasons we wrap furniture with blankets is to protect it from scratches and scuffs. During transit, furniture pieces can rub against each other or the walls of the moving truck, leading to unsightly marks. Wrapping furniture with blankets provides a soft, cushioned layer that helps prevent these damages.

Minimization of Damage from Impact
Our moving trucks can encounter bumps and vibrations during transportation, which can potentially damage furniture. By wrapping items with blankets, movers create a protective barrier that absorbs shocks and minimizes the impact of these movements. This helps prevent dents, dings, and other structural damage to your furniture.

Securement of Loose Parts
Some furniture items, such as tables with detachable legs or cabinets with drawers, may have loose parts that can shift during transit. Wrapping these items with blankets helps secure these parts in place, reducing the risk of them getting damaged or lost during the move. It also makes it easier to handle these items safely.

Prevention of Dust and Dirt Accumulation
During a move, furniture items are exposed to dust and dirt, especially when being loaded and unloaded. Wrapping furniture with blankets provides a protective layer that helps prevent these particles from settling on the surfaces. This can be particularly beneficial for delicate or upholstered furniture that is more prone to staining.

Wrapping furniture items with blankets is a simple yet effective way to protect them during a move. It provides a cushioned layer that minimizes scratches and scuffs, absorbs impact, secures loose parts, and prevents dust and dirt accumulation.

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