Moving with plants

Moving with plants

It’s a popular time to relocate as people reconsider their priorities when it comes to the meaning of home. The need to go into the office every day is less pressing, and there’s a greater ability and desire to take on a work-from-home lifestyle without compromising routine and performance. If you’re planning to move, you’ll likely want to bring your plants with you wherever you go. But there’s a right way to do it that keeps plants happy on the journey and after you arrive at your new digs.

Yes, much like adults, plants “feel” the emotional effects that can come with a transition into a new living space, so they’ll need your help. Plants are best transported both in a car and with you, so you can make sure they’re upright and not left in high temperatures, but this isn’t always practical. Moving companies have policies on moving plants, so check the policies first to figure out what’s even possible. In many cases, they won’t take them at all or they might want a disclaimer.

You can move with plants via air freight, but an airline won’t provide any extra care for your plants to ensure they’re safe, and they’ll unfortunately get the same treatment as standard goods’ get (which is pretty basic and at the bare minimum).

These are the best preparations and special care measures required to ensure that you move with plants most efficiently and that they arrive safely, without any scratches or trauma.

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