Are you covered? Part Two


Items of extraordinary value, such as antiques, art objects, gold or silver articles, etc., should be separately described on the inventory and a value declared for each. Be sure to list the items by description and value on the shipping document. It’s best not to ship money, jewelry, important papers or other valuable personal articles. Keep such items out of the reach of others and take them with you.


The carrier is not liable in a claim for loss or damage to articles in the following situations:

  1. change in condition or flavor of perishables.
  2. loss or damage caused by the shipper, including improper packing.
  3. select or inherent vice of the article, such as susceptibility to atmospheric changes.
  4. insects, moths, vermin, ordinary wear and tear, or gradual deterioration.
  5. mechanical or electrical derangement of musical instruments, electronic components or appliances, if there is no sign of exterior damage.
  6. loss or damage caused as a result of any strike, lockout, labor disturbance, riot, civil commotion, or any act of any person or persons taking part in any such occurrence or disorder.
  7. hostile or warlike action in time of peace or war.
  8. breakage caused by normal handling of china, glassware, bric-a-brac, or other similar items, unless packed by the carrier.
  9. liability of carrier for loss or damage shall be subject to your compliance with the rules for filing claims.

For More information regarding limitations on the carrier’s liability, please see General Order 1 36-C, which you may get from the PUC.

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