What to Pack First When Moving

If you find yourself procrastinating, it’s probably because you can’t decide what to pack first when moving. With this list in hand, you won’t even have to think about what to pack first. So follow along and get started today!

Items in storage

Items in storage should be one of the first things you pack when moving. Whether packed in a storage unit, your garage, or deep in your walk-in closet, these items are easy to pack first when moving since they’re most likely already in boxes. Just make sure to take things out, get rid of what you don’t want, and try to consolidate boxes as much as possible. The fewer boxes on move-out day, the better!

Out-of-season clothes

Out-of-season clothes are easy to pack first when moving because like items in storage, out-of-season clothes may already be in boxes. Plus, these clothes may not need to be accessed for several months. On day one of packing, you can go ahead and get them out of the way, giving you enough packing momentum to tackle more difficult parts of your home!

China and other rarely used dishes

There’s a strong chance you won’t be hosting fancy dinner parties during your move. This makes fine china the perfect item to pack first when moving. Just make sure to pack these dishes very carefully and clearly label the boxes as fragile. While you’re at it, you might want to go ahead and pack other dishes and cookware that you rarely use. You can always spend the last few weeks in your home using paper plates!

Artwork, wall hangings, and picture frames

Though wall hangings can be tricky to pack, they’re a great place to begin. Most likely, the only practical use for your artwork and picture frames are as decorations, and you don’t need decorations up while you pack. Not to mention, it’s easy to forget to take them down when the chaos of move-in day rolls around. Avoid forgetting about wall hangings by prioritizing these items when deciding what to pack first when moving.

Any and all knick-knacks

No matter how special they are to you, you’ve got to pack your knick-knacks first when moving. If you procrastinate on packing knick-knacks, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at the last minute by these small pieces scattered throughout your home. Whether it’s an old souvenir or a trendy jewelry dish, make these items a priority when you start packing.

Extra towels and linens

Extra towels and linens are the perfect belongings to pack first when moving. A big move is not the ideal time to change your sheets or keep a large pile of dirty towels around. Instead, plan on washing the same few dish and bath towels so that you can keep your laundry basket empty and ready for move-out day.  


Choose a few books you want to keep easily accessible and pack the rest of your books first when moving. Just make sure you return borrowed books to their respective owners, whether it be your friends or the library. You don’t want to be liable for those books if they get lost during your move!

Deciding what to pack first when moving can seem intimidating, but with a little help, you’ll find that it’s not too difficult once you know where to begin.

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