Turn your house into a home

There’s something alluring about walking into a house that feels like a home and reflects the owner’s personality so perfectly. Your interior may present beautifully, with well-designed furniture, high-quality finishes and a practical layout, but could be missing that homely vibe.

Frame up your personal photos of family, friends and adventures to inject some character into your space. You could create a gallery wall of several photos in a variety of frames or simply blow up some of your pics and hang them individually around your home.

Adorning your walls with your child’s favorite artworks is another way to brighten up your home and make it your own. You’d be surprised what a nice frame and some glass can do to their masterpiece.

If you walk into any unfurnished interior, you’ll notice that bare floors will accentuate the emptiness as there’s nothing to absorb the sound and everything echoes. When you layer in textiles, instantly it will make your space feel more homely.

Consider laying down a rug underfoot to help warm up your interior, define the space and add an extra layer of personality.

Functionality is a big component of any home. Often when we’re decorating our home we focus on design aesthetics first and the necessities of quality storage becomes an afterthought. Solely relying on building in cabinetry can leave your interior looking a little sparse.

Invest in storage that looks visually pleasing and adds another layer of texture to your space. A timber console, an open bookcase or handmade baskets all enhances the feeling of your home. They also give you an opportunity to display treasured, personal items.

For those short of floor space, utilizing your walls not only adds interest, it also improves the functionality of your interiors. Simple shelving made with L-brackets and filled with neatly arranged personal items can create a great visual impact.

Whether it’s a scented candle to make you feel at home, a collection of mementos from a holiday or an art piece that tells a story, filling your space with sentimental objects is what makes your house feel like a home.

A beautiful vase of flowers brings life into your interior and signifies that you’re house proud. In rooms of your home that lack personality, arranging flowers will instantly lift your space. If fresh cut flowers are not an option, opt for a few indoor plants that only need to be watered once a week.

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