Top 10 Assisted Living Research Questions

Top 10 Assisted Living Research Questions
  1. Quality of care: The facility should be staffed by trained professionals who are able to provide appropriate care for residents’ needs.
  2. Safety: The facility should be well-maintained, with proper safety measures in place to prevent accidents and injuries.
  3. Staff-to-resident ratio: There should be enough staff members to provide individualized attention and support to residents.
  4. Availability of services: The facility should offer a range of services, such as assistance with daily living activities, medical care, and social and recreational activities.
  5. Quality of life: The facility should provide a comfortable and stimulating living environment, with opportunities for residents to engage with their community and maintain social connections.
  6. Quality of Food and Meal options : Facility should have a healthy and balanced food options for the residents, and also cater to special dietary needs of the residents
  7. Communication and Transparency : The facility should have clear and open communication with the residents and their families, and provide them with regular updates on their loved one’s care and well-being.
  8. Licensing and certification: The facility should be properly licensed and certified by the relevant state authorities, which ensures that it meets certain standards of care and quality.
  9. Cost: The facility should be affordable and transparent about the cost of services and any additional fees.
  10. Location: It’s important to consider the location of the assisted living facility, as it will affect the resident’s ability to visit family and friends, attend religious services and go to the doctor, dentist and other specialists.

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