Moving tips when using professional movers

Keep out of the way as much as possible. Once you’ve communicated any necessary details, try to stay out of the immediate areas where movers need to work.

Resist the urge to offer advice. Shouting “Careful! That’s breakable!” every few minutes really isn’t helpful. Try to avoid micromanaging movers. No one does their best work with a supervisor breathing down their neck.

Consider tipping. Official moving charges never include a gratuity, so if you’re movers do a great job, you may want to tip them. The amount you should tip will vary depending on the scope of the project, but 5% is standard when this bill is a few hundred dollars or more.

Unpacking. Set up and make beds for all family members. Getting this done right away will ensure you get a good first night of sleep in your new home.

Put up shower curtains and set out towels and toiletries. Functional bathrooms are a must, especially after the sweaty business of moving is done.

Set up coffee-making equipment. This will be key to a good first morning and will help fuel your unpacking efforts. Order pizza. As soon as you have the essentials unloaded, order enough pizza for everyone who’s helped you with the move, and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

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