CMSA supports the Special Olympics

The California Moving & Storage Association, which we are a member of, is proud to support the Northern and Southern California chapters of the Special Olympics.

Dignity, acceptance, and a chance to reach one’s potential – these are human rights worth promoting for everyone. Since 1968, Special Olympics has been bringing one message to the world: people with intellectual disabilities can and will succeed if given the opportunity.

Special Olympics is a program of which we should all be proud – of both the program and the participants. If you haven’t witnessed a Special Olympics charity event, you really should attend one as the participants just shine with joy at even the smallest accomplishment. Truly a great program and quite heartwarming to witness. If you can’t attend an event, the next best thing is to lend your support to your local Special Olympics.

Through year-round sports training and competition, Special Olympics empowers individuals with intellectual disabilities in more than 180 countries. Special Olympics often is the only place where they have an opportunity to participate in their communities and develop belief in themselves. Many live lives of neglect and isolation, hidden away or socially excluded from full participation in schools or society. Transforming the athlete, Special Olympics sports are a gateway to empowerment, competence, acceptance and joy.

Special Olympics transforms communities. When people see Special Olympics athletes in action, they see their humanity, their joy in competition, their pride and their potential, and they begin to believe in a different kind of world – a world in which everyone is respected and included.

Special Olympics is a catalyst for societal change, fostering community enrichment around the globe. Special Olympics is a leader in diversity and tolerance education, bringing young people with and without intellectual disabilities together.

Special Olympics is a research leader, partnering with governments, non-governmental organizations and the private sector to develop new ways to include people with intellectual disabilities in all aspects of society. Special Olympics is also the world’s largest public health organization serving people with intellectual disabilities, offering free health screenings to the world’s most neglected populations, and is the fastest-growing grass-roots volunteer movement on the planet, with the potential to improve the quality of life for 200 million people with intellectual disabilities – 3 percent of the global population.


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