Pre-Move Information

Room for Parking
House to Home Moving understands that you are not in control of where cars not belonging to you are parked during your move. However, please have any vehicles belonging to you vacated off the driveway and street directly in front of your home prior to House to Home Moving’s arrival.

Safety and Regulations
House to Home Moving is not licensed to move Hazardous Materials in our Moving Vans. Items include but are not limited to: firearms, explosives, paints, chemicals, pressurized canisters, and all flammable materials. House to Home Moving reserves the right to refuse items deemed unsafe by any House to Home Moving Employees. Please note: Lack of cleanliness may cause items to be deemed unsafe for shipping due to unsanitary conditions.

Extreme Weather Conditions
House to Home Moving provides our Professional Service during all weather conditions provided safety is not compromised. If any House to Home Moving Employee feels the conditions have become unsafe, House to Home Moving reserves the right to temporarily cease moving until conditions improve. These circumstances rarely, and will only occur if the weather conditions are considered severe. If House to Home Moving has to temporarily cease moving, you will not be charged for the delay or time spent idle.

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