Prepping a Storage Unit

From cleaning your storage space to taking inventory of your belongings, here’s what you need to do to prepare to pack and organize a storage unit.

Make sure you have enough space in your storage unit.

If you’ve already booked a storage unit, you need to double check that your belongings will fit before you start packing the storage unit. You don’t want to start packing and organizing your storage unit only to return home with half your belongings when they don’t fit.

Create a list of how much furniture you’ll be packing in your storage unit, plus a rough estimate of the number of boxes and other items that you’ll need to make fit. Consider how much space these items will take up, and then compare it to the space available. Will it all fit, or do you need to prioritize and get rid of some things? Remember, you can fit a lot in when packing and organizing a storage unit, you just have to plan well.

Check if your storage unit is climate-controlled.

Whether or not you’ve rented a space that is climate controlled will have an impact on how you pack and organize your storage unit. If your storage unit is indoors and climate controlled, you’ll spend less time packing your belongings for maximum protection. The climate control technology will protect your belongings from mildew and other weather-related damages. However, if your storage unit is not climate-controlled, ask yourself if it’s worth the risk to store items like expensive clothing, electronics, and instruments in your storage unit. If you do decide to store these items, you need to be extra careful with how you pack these items in your storage unit.

Thoroughly clean your storage unit.

Before deciding how to pack your storage unit, make sure it’s clean and free of damage. Examine the unit’s walls and roof for cracks, sharp edges, and leaks. Then, sweep the floor. If you want to be extra cautious, scrub the walls and floor with soap or a disinfectant. If your unit is not climate controlled or is outdoors, you may want to lay a tarp or wooden pallets on the ground to help protect your belongings from weather and pests.

Clean everything that’s going into the storage unit.

If you store something while it’s dirty, it’s only going to be dirtier when you unpack it two, four, or twelve months later. Before you decide how to pack and organize your storage unit, don’t forget to scrub, wash, and dust your belongings.

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  • Avatar

    Zoe Campos


    It’s good to be reminded that I need to check if I have enough space in the storage unit. I own a lot of stuff and my sister even asked me if I can keep her things in the meantime. I guess I need to rent a huge self-storage container that can safely accommodate our personal belongings while we’re abroad.

  • Avatar

    Claire Masters


    I agree with what you said that storing a dirty item will end up making it dirtier in the long run. I’m thinking of renting a storage unit to keep all of my books while my house is being renovated. I’ll be sure to follow your advice and clean them once I find the time to look for a self-storage facility.

  • Avatar

    Anna Davis


    I like how you mentioned that climate-controlled units will protect your belongings from mildew. As I am remodeling my house this summer, I need a place to store the mattress and furniture from my guest bedroom. A climate-controlled storage unit is something I will consider.

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