Our Movers and What to Expect on Move Day

Our Movers and What to Expect on Move Day

Each employee of House to Home Moving is a full time employee for the company. Each employee starts their day in the morning at our shop in Orangevale to ensure they are prepared for your specific move. Most of our employees have worked for our company over a year. I believe that good people attract other good people. I don’t know if it works that way but so far all our employees are great people, polite and courteoustrained and experienced.

When we arrive, we will greet you, introduce ourselves and have you sign the work order prepared for you. You should already have an estimate at this time that reflects the work order. Our team will walk through your residence with you to determine what’s going, staying, needs to be packed, etc. After the walk through, sit back and watch them work. Careful and efficient, our team will shrink wrap all items with doors and drawers and take apart any furniture that requires it. All items are covered with a thick moving pad and tied down. Clothes hanging in the closet will be packed in Wardrobe Boxes and flat screen TV boxes are available for transportation.

After the load, our team will take a lunch before they head over to your new place of residence. On the unload, our team will first walk through your new place and discuss with you where everything needs to go. At this time it’s a good idea to stay by the entrance so you can tell each member of House To Home Moving where everything needs to be placed. When all your items are off the truck, our team will do a second walk through and remove any trash caused by us and also make sure everything is placed where you want. This is the end of the job and all Wardrobes are empty and clothes are hanging in the new closet. When you determine that everything has been completed, the work order will be signed and payment will be collected.

Above is an example of a typical job.  Not all moves are alike.  To determine the details of your move, please call us for a FREE estimate. (916) 484-1144

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