Steps to finding a quality moving company

So while you’re thinking about taking that next step in the moving process, here are some good places to start, including the proper steps to finding a good quality moving company?

  1. The best referral comes from a friend or family member who has recently had a successful move with a company. If you don’t have a referral like this, the next step would be to get on line and look at different moving companies.  Their website, reviews on Google, etc.
  2. Once you’ve decided on a few companies, give them each a call and schedule a free, in-home written estimate. CAUTION – If the moving company doesn’t send out an estimator, DO NOT USE THEM!
  3. At the time of the estimate, be sure to ask any questions you might have. Get a feel for the estimator and use the company that you feel the most comfortable with.
  4. Each step of this process should be stress free. They should answer their phone, call you back, show up on time, be polite and answer your questions.

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