How to Pack DVDs & Games

While most forms of entertainment have shifted toward digital formats, there are still plenty of people who own physical copies of their favorite movies, TV shows, music and video games.

  1. Sort into stacks. Separate your cases into stacks to make them easy to grab and put into the box.
  2. Line box with packing paper. Fold a few sheets of packing paper in half twice and place into the box. It’ll add extra protection.
  3. Place items into box spine-up. We recommend packing spine-up to fit more items into the box. Pack larger-sized items (like DVDs and video games) first and smaller-sized items (like CDs) last to maximize space within the box. If there are any gaps within the first layer of items, fill with crushed packing paper.
  4. Fill gaps with crushed packing paper. When the box is full, fill gaps with crushed packing paper for a snug fit.
  5. Add another layer. If you have more items to add to the box, first add a folded sheet of packing paper to separate the layers, then continue adding items to the box spine-up. Add additional packing paper to fill in the gaps.
  6. Close, tape and mark the box. Mark the box with the contents inside and “fragile.” Because of their fragility, it’s best to pack these items last in the moving truck with no other boxes on top.



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