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Moving specific glossary terms

All industries have their specific terms. Here are a couple that you might hear from your local moving company.

Booking Agent
The agent who accepts the order for your move. The booking agent may or may not be your origin or destination agent.

Bulky Article
Items such as pianos, cars, boats, snowmobiles and campers usually carry a bulky article charge to compensate the carrier for the difficulty of loading and unloading such articles, and their unusual bulk or low weight density. In some cases, an additional “weight additive” is applicable.

Shipments where customer pays moving charges at the time of delivery.  For C.O.D. shipments, payment is required in cash, or by traveler’s check, money order, cashier’s check or credit card (pending a prior credit card approval process).  Personal checks are not accepted for payment of C.O.D. charges.

Working with Meristem

Working with Maristem

MARISTEM serves young adults on the autism spectrum by helping them develop practical life skills, increase social capacity, and transition to work and independence.

It was a pleasure to work with this organization and help them by hiring on a few young adults for training in the moving industry. Thank you TAP California for this certificate. We wouldn’t have known about this organization if it wasn’t for Nick Broad and Rotary Club of Fair Oaks.

Shout out to Kelly Stimbert with Stock Ranch Road Retirement Community

With our Fair Oaks Honorary Mayor Campaign behind us, thank you Kelly Stimbert with Stock Ranch Road Retirement Community for the amazing corn hole event you hosted for us! This was a huge success. Margaritas, Taco Bar, gifts and so much more. You really know how to throw down the party and this was one of my favorite events.

Facebook: Stock Ranch Road Retirement Community
Website: www.happylivingbycogir.com
Our Contact: Kelly Stimbert
Phone: (916) 725-7418

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Shout out to Paul Terpeluk with First Light Home Care

Shout out to Katie Yount with State Farm Insurance

With our Fair Oaks Honorary Mayor Campaign behind us, I wanted to thank Paul for his support! My favorite event we did was the pie throwing event! We made history that day. It was the first time a pie was thrown in my face and it was the first time Penny Howard, Mary Howard‘s mom had thrown a pie in anyone’s face. Mad thanks to Fair Oaks Brew Pub for not only allowing this event at their place, but they also sponsored $250.00 for the food. Thank you FirstLight Home Care of South Placer County and Paul Terpeluk for donating $10 a person towards the campaign.

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Shout out to Carol Kinsel owner of Senior Care Solutions

Shout out to Katie Yount with State Farm Insurance

With our Fair Oaks Honorary Mayor Campaign behind us, I wanted to thank Carol for her support. Here is a picture of Carol Kinsel and her husband with me at the Honorary Mayor reception dinner! She’s the owner of Senior Care Solutions, a senior placement company that specialize in providing free assistance in finding the right senior care solution to meet your needs. They were one of our first sponsors and their business is located in Fair Oaks. Their team is excellent! Fair Oaks Chamber of Commerce

Facebook: Senior Care Solutions
Website: www.seniorcs.com
Our Contact: Carol Kinsel
Phone: (916) 965-5565

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