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Saturday, June 22, 2019 at 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Our warehouse is filled with all sorts of treasures, from furniture and dishes, to medical supplies and decorations, and we want to find them all a new home!

We’ll have some music playing, mimosas and water so you can sip and socialize while you browse.

No holds without payment. Cash and Card accepted,
All money goes to our campaign which supports Adopt An Elder as well as the Fair Oaks Chamber.

What to expect from us

Now that you have had a representative from House to Home Moving come out to provide you with a FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATE, it’s time for the movers to arrive.

When House to Home Moving arrives at your job, there’s a few things you can expect!  The first thing you’ll notice is the truck.  New and clean with House to Home Moving logos on it.  Next you’ll meet the crew.  Professional, careful, courteous and experienced, they will introduce themselves and have you sign the work order.  You’ll notice that they are all in a uniform, the crew leader in a black shirt and the remaining movers in a red shirt, so you can easily identify the person in charge.  Each person on your job also wears khaki pants to keep a professional appearance.  Before they start preparing your items to be loaded, they’ll complete a walk through with you to verify items being moved.

Each truck and crew comes standard with the same equipment.  You can expect:

  1. Wardrobe Boxes for your clothes hanging in the closet
  2. Tools to disassemble and reassemble any furniture that may need it
  3. Door protectors and floor protectors
  4. Stretch Wrap for wrapping all furniture with doors and drawers
  5. Furniture pads to protect your items during transportation
  6. TV box to transport your flat screen TV
  7. Proper dollies

Specialty items include but are not limited to:

  • Piano board – for moving upright pianos, baby grand pianos or grand pianos
  • Large dollies for moving safes and other large items
  • Packing materials

You’ll notice as the team works together to get your job done, they have a specific order of loading your items to ensure protection and limit the possibility for damages.

The order of unloading items into the next location is the opposite of the loading procedures.  The team will remove the blankets, move items into place, remove the stretch wrap and discard any trash.  They will set up the bed(s), place items where you want them, unload the wardrobe boxes back in the closet and make sure you’re happy with the placement.  The truck is checked to make sure nothing was left on it and the paperwork will be completed with you.

Now that you know what to expect from House to Home Moving, we hope to earn your business on a free in-home estimate.

10 packing Tips

Moving to a new house is exciting and promises a fresh start in 2019. However, the packing and moving part can be a hassle. Packing all your belongings into dozens of boxes is not an easy task. Things around the house will be crazy, and you may feel like the process is never-ending.

But, there has got to be a better way! It shouldn’t be so tiring! To avoid the stress, confusion, and damage associated with moving, keep these tips in mind.

Tip 1: Pack in advance
Your moving day will arrive quicker than you realize. Waiting until the last moment to pack is a recipe for disaster. So start preparing at least a month before your move. Start with small items such as the hangings on the walls and your DVD’s. Formulate a plan and pack one box every day until your moving date arrives.

Tip 2: Ease your load
Moving is a great opportunity for a clean start. When you’re storing things, sort out the items that you haven’t used in a while. If they are in good condition, give them to charity or have a yard sale and make some money. The Bottom line is, don’t move the stuff you don’t need.

Tip 3: Get moving supplies
Since moving requires a ton of boxes, you can save those extra bucks you spend on buying them. Get used boxes from local liquor or grocery stores. Most of them will be in a pretty decent condition. You can also purchase boxes from us here.

Tip 4: Label each box
Label the boxes and write a summary of the contents on each one of them. You could also use different colors of sticky notes or tapes according to the nature of the box, like green for all the kitchen items. And don’t forget to number the boxes. This way, you will know if any of them have gone missing while unloading.

Tip 5: Take pictures
Before you seal the boxes, click images of their contents to be sure that you have packed everything. Also, take pictures of the backside of all electronic items. This will be helpful when installing them, and you won’t have trouble finding out which wires go in each of the sockets.

Tip 6: Pack an overnight bag
It is not advisable to pack valuable items and documents with the rest of your stuff. An emergency may arise at any time. So such items must be easily accessible. Pack personal documents such as birth certificates, medical and education records in an overnight bag and carry it with you during the move.

Tip 7: Store items correctly
When you pack breakable dishes, put packing paper and bubble wrap around each one. And place them like vinyl records as they are less likely to break this way. Your movers may treat your plasma TVs like any other furniture. So store them in the boxes they came in and instruct your movers to handle them with care.

Tip 8: Choose the right size of boxes
When heavy items are placed in large boxes, they will be hard to carry and may even break. So put any heavy items in smaller boxes and light ones in larger boxes. Don’t leave any empty spaces, stuff the gaps with crushed papers or towels.

Tip 9: Pack room-by-room
Some people may cringe at the idea of packing up the things in their closets and drawers. Try clearing out messy areas first. Focus on one place at a time to avoid mixing items from different rooms. It will make your packing quicker and make unpacking a much easier task.

Tip 10: Hiring Movers
Do your research and read the reviews. Hire someone who is reliable and doesn’t overcharge. Get a written estimate of all charges to avoid mix-ups in the future.

Bonus Tip: Mind your tools
This way you won’t be scrambling around to find the tools required to reassemble your bed or table at your new place. The more time you spend on packing now, the more energy you’ll save at your new home.


Do you know what the most important step to having a successful move is?


Calling around moving companies and price shopping for the lowest cost is a good way to sabotage your moving experience.  The prices you get over the phone are misleading.  Oral estimates are illegal, not binding and should not be accepted. 

But why?  Without seeing what needs to be moved and the equipment/materials required to move everything properly, there can’t be a realistic estimated price given.  It’s shooting from the hip.  In the industry we call giving quotes over the phone, giving “happy numbers”.  It’s low balling the move to get you to schedule.  The problem with this is, nothing is in writing and the price of the move isn’t going to be what was quoted.

Have you ever heard about moving companies keeping furniture hostage?  It’s when there is nothing in writing and after the moving company loads your items they demand more payment before they unload it.  It’s a common practice in the moving industry.


At House To Home Moving we suggest that you schedule your FREE IN-HOME WRITTEN ESTIMATE.  A representative will come out to your home, talk with you, visually inspect all variables of your specific move and answer any questions you have regarding the moving process.  It also gives us a chance to discuss with you how the moving process goes on our side of things and what you need to do on your part to have a successful move.  While we are out at your appointment, we will leave you with a written estimated cost along with a NOT TO EXCEED price for the move.  This means that the estimated price IS the NOT TO EXCEED PRICE for your move.  Without a free in-home written estimate, there is no NOT TO EXCEED price.  You could and most likely end up paying more than originally quoted.

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