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Moving specific glossary terms

Auxiliary Service
If the assigned over-the-road van is unable to make a normal pickup/delivery because of physical constraints and a second, smaller, vehicle is needed, this is considered Auxiliary Service (a shuttle).  Examples of such physical constraints include situations such as a road or driveway that is too narrow, a bridge unable to support the weight of the van, and the inability to park the moving van within a reasonable distance of the pickup or the delivery residence. Charges for the second, smaller, vehicle are assessed on an hourly basis, in addition to charges for the extra labor involved in making the pickup with the shuttle truck.

Bill of Lading
The is your contract with the carrier. It is your receipt for your goods and the contract for their transportation. Your signature acknowledges that your goods have been loaded on the moving van and “released to the carrier”.

Binding Estimate
You will know in advance what your move will cost, regardless of variances in the actual weight (as long as the inventory of the items being moved is the same as the inventory used for making the estimate).  Without any changes from what was seen during the initial in-home survey, this amount should be within 10% of the original estimate.

Properly Maintaining Your Dryer

You may know to clean out the lint trap after every load. But did you know that lint can build up in the giant dryer vent tube as well? Excess lint is flammable and creates blockages in the ventilation system, making your dryer work inefficiently. Fires relating to dryer vents are very real. According to the National Fire Protection Association, “dryers and washing machines were involved in one out of every 22 home structure fires reported to U.S. fire departments in 2006-2010.” The leading cause of these fires was the failure to clean the dryer.

Annually cleaning out your dryer vent is recommended, but if you do a lot of laundry, you may want to do this twice a year. It’s easy to clean this yourself with just a vacuum cleaner and a screwdriver. If you also have your washer and dryer regularly inspected, ask your appliance professional to clean the vent as well. Follow these tips for a successful cleaning.

  1. Always clean the lint trap after each load
  2. Pull out the dryer away from the wall
  3. Unplug the dryer
  4. Detach the vent hose
  5. Vacuum the lint out of the dryer
  6. Vacuum both ends of the vent tube
  7. Reattach vent
  8. Plug it back in and move everything back
  9. Do this annually

Moving specific glossary terms

All industries have their specific terms. Here are a couple that you might hear from your local moving company.

Accessorial Services
Services, other than linehaul transportation, performed by an agent or the van operator (such as; packing, unpacking, an extra pickup, a long carry, an elevator carry, etc.). Accessorial services are charged in addition to linehaul transportation charge.

Advanced Charges
Charges for services of others engaged by an agent or the carrier at your request. These charges are advanced to your bill of lading charges. For example; having a pool table dismantled by 3rd Party Service service provider is a 3rd party service.

An affiliated moving company authorized to act on behalf of a motor carrier. The affiliated moving company (the agent) may serve as the booking agent, the origin agent, the hauling agent and/or the destination agent.




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