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Five Stars from Deborah


Fred, Jerimiah, Austin, Michael, and Levi did a fabulous job moving me from Natomas to Rocklin. They got everything loaded in 3.5 hours and unloaded on the other end in 3.5 hours. They were efficient, friendly, and really knew what they were doing. They got my HUGE desk out of a tight space with no damage to walls. They asked me at every step what I wanted, they were on-time, and communicated with me at every step in the process. Due to their efficiency, the move came in significantly under the quoted price. I was very impressed throughout the process and would recommend this “A Team” for any move. They’re the best!

Thanks Deborah

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Carlton Senior Living Sacramento ▶️

Carlton Senior Living Sacramento is a great community in Sacramento that we’ve been working with since 2010. We also helped move in most the residents at the Carlton Senior Living Elk Grove when they first opened. Working with seniors has always been our specialty.

Carlton Senior Living Sacramento

How to Pack Silverware

The most important thing to remember when packing up silverware is to not let your items get damaged or misplaced while in transit. Your silverware gets used every day and is an essential part of your kitchen. Make sure it’s properly packed so it arrives ready to use at your new home.

Most people utilize a cutlery tray to store their silverware, which is convenient for moving as it’s simple to pack.

  1. Cushion the box with paper. Use crushed packing paper to provide extra protection.
  2. Wrap tray. You can wrap your tray completely with plastic wrap or packing paper.
  3. Place tray flat inside the box (like in a drawer). This will help ensure that the silverware stays in place during the move.
  4. Add other kitchen items. Kitchen linens, wrapped measuring cups or utensils will fit great into a small box.
  5. Fill any gaps. Used crushed packing paper to pad the box so nothing moves inside.
  6. Tape the box closed. Secure well and then label the outside “Silverware.”

If your silverware is lying in a drawer with no tray, we recommend bundling similar pieces together and wrapping in packing paper. Then, place the bundles flat inside the box as you would with the tray, or pack the bundles with other kitchen utensils.

If you’re moving with sterling silver pieces, a family heirloom set or any other valuable silverware pieces, polish them to help protect them while in storage or moving boxes. Make sure each piece is completely dry and then place them in a fully-enclosed protective box or case. Before closing the box or case, cover them with cloth, tissue paper or packing paper, as exposure to air can cause them to tarnish. You can then pack the case by covering with packing paper and placing in a box.

Don’t forget about your cooking utensils! Wrap your utensils and other cooking tools individually with a single layer of packing paper. After you’ve wrapped everything, put all the pieces in a box. If you’ve got unused space, fill it up with bubble wrap or packing paper.

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