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Moving Checklist

Below is a moving checklist for your convenience

[] Set the date of the move
[] Arrange for utility transfers
[] File change of address
[] Notify everyone of your change of address 
[] Schedule moving estimate
[] Start packing!
[] Open bank accounts near your new address 
[] Create one “Open Me First” box for specific rooms
[] Start eating up perishable food from freezer and refrigerator 
[] Hold a yard sale. 
[] Confirm start time, current home address and future home address with movers. 
[] Take all garbage out of the house 
[] Make sure the drivers of House to Home Moving have your cell phone number(s)
[] Be available for the movers’ questions 
[] Perform final checks before leaving current home

Steps to finding a quality moving company

So while you’re thinking about taking that next step in the moving process, here are some good places to start, including the proper steps to finding a good quality moving company?

  1. The best referral comes from a friend or family member who has recently had a successful move with a company. If you don’t have a referral like this, the next step would be to get on line and look at different moving companies.  Their website, reviews on Google, etc.
  2. Once you’ve decided on a few companies, give them each a call and schedule a free, in-home written estimate. CAUTION – If the moving company doesn’t send out an estimator, DO NOT USE THEM!
  3. At the time of the estimate, be sure to ask any questions you might have. Get a feel for the estimator and use the company that you feel the most comfortable with.
  4. Each step of this process should be stress free. They should answer their phone, call you back, show up on time, be polite and answer your questions.

Did you know?

Are you MOVING soon?  Here are some crazy statistics to think about!

Did You Know??

  • The moving industry employs over 122,000 employees
  • The moving industry is comprised of mostly small business
  • Nearly 50% of moving companies employ less than 5 people
  • Over 600,000 people used a professional moving company last year
  • More than 2 million people “did it themselves”
  • More than 80% moved to the same state
  • Most people that moved, roughly 18%, moved for a better home or apartment
  • Nearly half of all moves take place in the summer
  • Moving companies create more than 100,000 jobs per year from people moving

Sources: AMA, US News, AMSA

Senior Communities

Did you know House to Home Moving specializes in senior moving?  When House to Home Moving started in 2010 there was a need for specialized senior relocation.  We started by providing transfers for senior communities.  The service was originally for seniors with dementia.  We would recreate the apartments by taking pictures and place the items in the new apartment exactly like they were in the old apartment.  This would make it easy for the transition.  Once everyone caught on that we provided this service, House to Home Moving started doing these transfers for a majority of the senior communities throughout the Sacramento area.  This started the rapid growth of our company.  Soon House to Home Moving had built a reputation in the senior industry as the “Senior Movers” in the area. 

To this day, senior moves account for 70% of our business!  With over a 90% retention rate, House to Home Moving takes pride in the great work they provide.

By 2013 House to Home Moving was providing moves for everyone, local and long distance.  The children of the seniors we moved were so impressed by our professionalism, they started using us for their own personal moves.  With House to Home Moving growing rapidly and the demand for a good moving company became apparent, House to Home Moving focused on keeping their great reputation and quality of service up while growing in an exponential rate. 

Now it’s 2019, just over 10 years in business, and House to Home Moving continues to be the Senior Movers in the Sacramento and surrounding areas.  Specializing in Senior Moves, Residential moves, Commercial moves and specialty items.  House to Home Moving provides many services including packing and unpacking, unit transfers and full service moving local or long distance.  There isn’t a move too big or too small for House to Home Moving to handle. 

All these services House to Home Moving offers starts with a FREE IN-HOME WRITTEN ESTIMATE!  Once one of our representatives meets with you, we are able to create an al a carte menu of services tailored to your specific move.  This way you can pick and choose the services you want within your budget.  Call us today to schedule your free estimate and let us earn your business.  We promise we’ll become your trusted mover for the rest of your life. 

You can trust our team to be professional, courteous, polite and caring.  The trucks we use are new and clean, our employees are in uniform and ready to work hard for you.

Sip & Shop Event at House To Home Moving

Saturday, June 22, 2019 at 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Our warehouse is filled with all sorts of treasures, from furniture and dishes, to medical supplies and decorations, and we want to find them all a new home!

We’ll have some music playing, mimosas and water so you can sip and socialize while you browse.

No holds without payment. Cash and Card accepted,
All money goes to our campaign which supports Adopt An Elder as well as the Fair Oaks Chamber.

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